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Fire safety is the set of practices intended to reduce the destruction caused by fire.

Introduction - All Combustion (Fire) involves chemical reactions and many effects of Fire can be observed easily using the principle of Physics & Chemistry. The professional fire fighters must know something about these two branches of Science i.e. Physics & Chemistry.

Heat : Heat is defined as energy possessed by a substance due to motion/vibration of molecule. Total heat contained by a body is equal to the product of its Mass, Temperature and Specific heat.

Combustion : It is chemical process that involves oxidation, sufficient to produce heat and light.

  • Classical Triangle concept of Fire :-

Fire triangle - Wikipedia
Fire Triangle
 Fire usually takes place when THREE things are present 
  1. Oxygen (O2) : Either from air or from some other form.
  2. Heat : Sufficient to maintain combustion.
  3. Fuel/Combustible material : To combine with Oxygen (O2)
Removal of any one of them cause the triangle to collapse and further combustion stop.

  • The Tetrahedron concept of Fire :-
Fire Tetrahedron
As per recent research, the chemical reaction involve in fire is not as simple as the triangle indicates and that FOURTH FACTOR is present which is called as "Chemical Chain Reaction", Where burning continues and even accelerate once it has began.
The Chain reaction is caused by the breakdown, re-combination of the molecule..
Molecules that are close to the heat source begin to vibrate rapidly and instantaneously begin to break apart.  In a series of chemical reaction these fragments continue to break up and producing free Carbon & Hydrogen that combine with the Oxygen in air. This combination release additional energy and so on.

Q.   What is Fire in simple ?
Ans. Fire is Chemical reaction between Oxygen(O2), Heat & Fuel.

  • Types of Fire :-

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Types of Fire

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