Wednesday, 6 May 2020

Importance of Industrial Safety

The Importance of Safety for Industrial Business Owners and ...
Importance of Industrial Safety or Work Place Safety

  • There are the obvious reasons why workplace safety should be our priority including:                  
            1. Injury   2.  Death.  
          These two reasons should need no explanation. 
  • Along with the above-mentioned pain, suffering and death, there is the financial impact.
           1.  Corporate financial loss
           2.  Property damage
          Death & injury impact the company financially.  It is in the best interest for both employee and employer to put safety first, minimize risk to life and therefore reduce financial loss and property damage.  
  • When a company puts their employees first and implements proper safety training and education and then enforces it, several positive results happen.
           1.  Worker productivity increases
           2.  the Service or Quality of the product improves
           3.  Corporate reputation / public relations improves
  • Industrial Safety is important as it safeguards human life, especially in high risk areas such as nuclear, aircraft, chemical, oil and gases, and mining industries, where a fatal mistake can be catastrophic. 
  • Industrial Safety reduces risks to people, and processes. Process control and safety systems are usually merged.
  • Maintaining a safe and healthy working environment is not only an important human resources issue, it's the law. Whether they're entry-level workers, supervisors, or plant managers, the employees need to understand health and safety risks, the steps they need to take to minimize those risks, and common safety standards and compliance procedures.
  • Health and safety is the key factor for all the industries in order to promote the wellness of both employees and employers. It is a duty and moral responsibility of the company to look after the employee’s protection.
  • Workplace health and safety procedures are important for the well-being of both employees and employers because human loss is immeasurable and intolerable. As, such loss or injuries can employ major loss to the families.
Top 10 Reasons — Why workplace safety is Important?
Stay Safe & Be Safe ! ! !